the free sign language resource site… be a is a non-profit initiative designed to unite the Deaf and hearing communities through the use of sign language, and other translation tools. We encourage everyone, especially Muslims, to learn how to sign, to better socialise with their Deaf neighbours, and to help improve Islamic education for the Deaf.
In short: to become true signtists.


The following websites will guide you in your journey to becoming a fluent signtist.

British Sign Online

The aim of this course is to make basic BSL tuition available to everyone. Being an online course has meant that costs have been kept down and so it can be studied by those who otherwise may not be able to justify the costs involved through more conventional methods.


This site is packed with video clips so you can practice at home the vocabulary and sentences your BSL teacher has taught you in the classroom.

Royal Association for Deaf People

The Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD) promotes the welfare and interests of Deaf people (by which we mean deaf people whose first or preferred language is sign language). Founded in 1841, RAD is the oldest organisation in England for Deaf adults.


Learndirect operates a network of more than 800 online learning centres in England and Wales, providing access to a range of e learning opportunities.

Please note that does not officially endorse any of the above courses or websites, and cannot be held directly responsible for their content or availability.

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