the free sign language resource site… be a is a non-profit initiative designed to unite the Deaf and hearing communities through the use of sign language, and other translation tools. We encourage everyone, especially Muslims, to learn how to sign, to better socialise with their Deaf neighbours, and to help improve Islamic education for the Deaf.
In short: to become true signtists.


The team behind appreciates that there may be many people based outside of the UK, who would like specialised signtific training in their local form of sign language.

During the initial planning stages of the project, we did in fact aim to tackle as many countries as possible in one go. We even recorded an American Sign Language fingerspelling video (applicable to both the US & Canada).

However, going global takes time, and in our keenness to start experimenting, we altered our strategy, and decided to first concentrate on producing new signtists in the UK. Slow and steady wins the race, after all.

We hope that this initial program of experimentation will provide useful preliminary data, helping us to plan our future expansion, and do what any self-respecting mad signtist must attempt at least once in their career: to try to take over ze Verld! Muwahahaha!


If you want to come to your country, or if you are an existing signtist from across the sea, and are interested in collaborating with your UK counterparts, please email us at: contact[@]signlabs[.]org.

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